Delft is a great destination for your congress. We provide not only a historic city centre but Delft also breathes technology, innovation and creativity. A wonderful combination to really organize an event with impact.

Why Delft

Delft has a more than wonderful track record in the field of science. Early in the 17th century, Delft born student Hugo de Groot laid the foundation for the international law with his 'De iure belli ac pacis'. Not much later it was Antoni van Leeuwenhoek who, with his handmade microscopes, started the beginning of contemporary imaging techniques, whilst his friend Reinier de Graaf stood out conducting research in the field of reproductive medicine.

Delft is full of history!
More specifically, Delft creates history!

Science is inextricably linked to our city, and even now Delft still belongs to the top of the scientific world with its Technical University and other renowned (scientific) institutes. Delft stands for technology, innovation and creativity and is an international leader in, among others, industrial biotechnology, creative industry and ICT, (offshore) energy, medical technology, smart industry, water- and delta technology and robotics.

In Delft, technological innovations are converted into future-oriented products and techniques. Companies such as DSM, Deltares and IHE are developing new products in collaboration with TU Delft. One of the largest incubators of Europe can also be found in Delft: Yes Delft! Knowledge and innovation blend together naturally in our city, a real birthplace of knowledge and experience exchange. Thus, making Delft perfect for your next conference.

Delft Convention Bureau is proud of this international reputation and uses, if possible, the existing network to make business and scientific meetings more valuable. By doing this, in a few years, your participants will still be talking about your conference or meeting. That is our common goal.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.

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