Legatus Delft

The added Value of Ambassadors

It has been a while but we organized our third annual meeting of Legatus Delft. The meeting in which we celebrate our ambassadors. All people active in international networks that embrace Delft as a conference & knowledge hub. Mayor Marja van Bijsterveld referred to the wonderful and succesful international conferences that resulted from this cooperation between Delft University of Technology, the municipality and the Delft Convention Bureau.


During this meeting in the monumental venue Het Grote Kantoor of DSM, I reminded people that a conference is indeed a strategic tool  It activates influence, dissemination of knowledge and valorisation. All leading to strengthening the image of Delft as knowledge hub and supporting the economy of our beautiful city.


This network Legatus Delft was founded in October 2017 by Mayor Van  Bijsterveldt, the Rector Magnificus  and the director of Delft Marketing/Delft Convention Bureau. Meantime the network has grown to 72 Delft members leading to over 14 conferences that were invited to and hosted in Delft in cooperation with the Convention Bureau. Conference participants are valued guests  in Delft. The highly educated visitors, not only visit the conference but make use of all the other facilities in the city such as cafes and restaurants, hotels, shops and museums.

At each meeting we flashback at successes, Iedere welcome new members and initiate new contacts for the future.

Impressive exposition  DSM

After the meeting everybody had the opportunity to take a look at 2 temporary expos at DSM remembering 150 years of  biotechnology in Delft. De The Artis-Micropia experience shows the world of microorganisms and the exposition ‘150 jaar Gist’ tells the story of the history of the Nederlandsche Gist- en Spiritusfabriek (later Gist-Brocades, now part of  DSM Delft). The participants were impressed: “fascinating”, "beautiful and surprising" and “truly Delft” were some reactions of the professors.

It is a truly succesful cooperation, a succesful network and a succesful meeting. #Delft Creating History

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