During your visit to Delft you can use many facilities such as public toilets and free wifi

  • Public toilets

    Looking for a toilet? There are public toilets in various locations around Delft city centre. We have made a list for you.

    The public toilet in the Halsteeg is only open during the day and costs € 0.50 per visit.

    DOK Centrum
    On weekdays, the DOK Centrum library is open from 10.00 to 18.00 hours. Admission to the library is free of charge and you can use the toilet in the building.

    Jumbo Bastiaansplein
    You can use the toilet in the Jumbo supermarket on the Bastiaansplein free of charge. The Jumbo supermarket is open from 8.00 to 22.00 hours.

    Oude Langendijk bicycle parking facility
    There is a public toilet next to the bicycle parking facility on the Oude Langendijk which costs € 0.50 per visit. This toilet is open during the normal opening hours of the shops in the city centre.

    There is a public toilet in the HEMA department store, Molslaan 33, which costs € 0.50 per visit.

    McDonald’s Delft Centrum
    You can use the toilet here free of charge.

    Eetcafé de Waag
    Eetcafé de Waag is open from 11 am to 12 midnight. You can use the toilet here free of charge.

  • Wheelchair access

    Delft is a great place to visit if you are in a wheelchair. Hotels with wheelchair access include the WestCord Hotel Delft, Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre, and Campanile Delft, and many bars and restaurants also have wheelchair access. The following major tourist attractions are also wheelchair-friendly:
    > The Vermeer Centrum Delft
    > The Science Centre Delft
    > The Botanical Gardens
    > Royal Delft
    > The New Church
    > The Old Church

  • Free Wifi

    In Delft you can acces Delft Free wifi. These wifi spots are located on the biggest squares in the centre of Delft: The Markt, Beestenplein, Doelenplein and Bastiaansplein.

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