Getting There

Delft is easily accessible by car and public transport. Discover the possibilities to reach the city!



    You can travel to Delft quickly and easily from 40 European destinations via Rotterdam The Hague Airport.  Several major airlines fly at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, of which Transavia handles the most flights.
    The Airport is only a 15-minute drive from Delft.

  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

    Schiphol Airport, the largest airport in the Netherlands, is 35 minutes away from Delft. Every day, various intercontinental and European flights land here. From Schiphol you can easily travel to Delft by train in 40 minutes or by car in 50 minutes.

  • Public transport

    The city is easily accessible by public transport. Since 2015, Delft has a modern underground railway station. They are still building at the second rail tunnel tube.

  • Train

    Delft has two train stations; Delft Campus and Delft (city centre). From Delft station you can walk to the city center in a few minutes.

    Delft is centrally located between The Hague and Rotterdam. As a result, trains run regularly to and from the city, so you never have to wait long. It only takes 10 minutes to get from Rotterdam and/or The Hague to Delft by train, 45 minutes from Amsterdam, and around three hours from Groningen and Maastricht. View the current departure times of the NS to plan your trip.

    The new ‘Delft’ train station was opened in 2016. Delft is worth a visit just for the station alone! From the station you can see the towers of the Old Church and walk to the city centre in only a few minutes.

  • BUS

    There is a large bus platform in front of the new railway station. Almost all city and intercity buses will stop here. Transport companies are RET and Veolia. Consult the current times of the buses before departure.

  • Easy to get to

    Delft is situated between The Hague and Rotterdam and it takes about 15 minutes to get to either city.

    Delft can easily be reached by car. From The Hague and Rotterdam you drive via the A13 to Delft. On the A13 you take exit 9 (Delft) and follow the signs for 'Centrum' and 'P-route centrum'.

    From Amsterdam you travel on the A4 towards The Hague. At the Rijswijk exit turn onto the A13 towards Rotterdam. Then take exit 9 (Delft) and follow the signs 'Centrum'.

    In Delft, you can park (paid) in one of the four parkings on the edge of the center. Follow the signs 'P-center' to reach these parkings. From the parking you walk to the city center in a few minutes.

  • Car-free city center

    The center of Delft is car-free. As a visitor you can not come by car or park here. If you drive into the center without permission, you will be fined.

  • Parking garages

    4 minutes: € 0,20
    60 minutes: € 3,00
    12 minutes (after 120 minutes): € 0,50
    Maximum daily rate: € 16,00

    4 minutes: € 0,20
    60 minutes: € 3,00
    12 minutes (after 120 minutes): € 0,50
    Maximum daily rate: € 16,00

    4 minutes: € 0,20
    60 minutes: € 3,00
    12 minutes (na 120 minutes): € 0,50
    Maximum daily rate: € 16,00

    4 minutes: € 0,20
    60 minutes: € 3,00
    Maximum rate per 24 hours: € 30,00
    Week card: € 100,00

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