Getting There

Delft is easily accessible by car and / or public transport.



    There are three multi-storey car parks around Delft city centre that provide quick and easy (paid) parking for your car. The city centre is just a short walk away from all three car parks. To get to the car parks, follow the signs for ‘P-centrum’.

    If you are going to stay longer than 3 hours in Delft, and you don't mind walking a little bit further to the centre, then it is a good idea to park in the car park on the Nijverheidsplein. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to walk from this car park to the city centre. The maximum parking fee in this car park is € 6 per day. Please note: you cannot pay by credit card in this car park.

    Delft city centre is a restricted area for cars. This means visitors cannot drive or park in the restricted zone. Do you need to drop somebody off in the city centre who has walking disabilities? Then you can apply for an day pass online at: If you are caught driving your car in the city centre without a day pass, then you will have to pay a fine.

    Marktgarage (Willem Naghelstraat)
    - the charge is € 2.90 per hour for the first two hours, and € 2.50 per hour after that.
    - an all-day parking ticket costs € 15.00.

    Zuidpoort (Zuidwal)
    - the charge is € 2.90 per hour for the first two hours, and € 2.50 per hour after that.
    - an all-day parking ticket costs € 15.00.

    Phoenixgarage (Phoenixstraat)
    - the charge is € 2.90 per hour.
    - an all-day parking ticket costs € 18.00.

    - on Mondays to Saturdays the charge is € 2.40 per hour.
    - an all-day parking ticket costs € 6.00.

    You can find more information about parking here .

  • Bicycle parking

    You can leave your bicycle in the supervised bicycle parking facility on the Vesteplein for a small fee. This bicycle parking facility has room for 250 bicycles. Furthermore, the Central Station in Delft has (free) parking for 5,000 bicycles in the underground bicycle parking facility and for 3,700 bicycles in the overground bicycle parking facility. In addition, you can of course leave your bicycle (at your own risk) in the designated bicycle racks and bicycle parking areas around the city centre.

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