Travel around

There are many ways to discover Delft: on foot, by bike or choose for a unique experience with the Delft City Shuttle, boat or Horse Tram.

  • Discover the city on foot

    Stroll through the old town and enjoy all the beauty that the city has to offer along the way. All sights in Delft can easily be reached on foot. Moreover, walking paths and pavements throughout the city are accessible especially for pedestrians.

  • Bike rental

    Nothing as Dutch as a bike ride! Simply visit all the sights or go for a cycle route along the beautiful nature around Delft. VVV Delft has put together a nice route of 35 kilometers based on the national cycling points.

    You can rent a bike at the following stores:

    - Fietsplus Delft
    - DelftByCycle
    - Halfords


  • Hop-on-hop-off

    Discover the city in a fun and practical way. Get in and out of the bus at the various stops or take an hour-long tour among all sights.

    The Delft City Shuttle runs around daily from 10 am to 5 pm. You can leave every 20 minutes at one of the following locations:

    • Aula TU
    • Botanical Garden
    • Market / VVV Delft
    • Holiday park Delftse Hout
    • Delft Station
    • Restaurant Swing / Hampshire
    • Hotel
    • Delft Center
    • The Koningshuys
    • new church
    • Old church
    • Royal Delft Science Center
    • City-cafe house
    • Westcord Hotel
  • An unique experience

    Step into the horse tram and parade along the canals and discover the historic city center. The horse tram leaves at the Market in front of the City Hall.

  • Cruise

    Historic Delft is best to see from its ancient canals. For nearly 50 years, the ships sail past all the sights and beautiful old arch bridges.

  • Canal hopper

    Sail through the historic canals in an electric boat. These whisper-quiet boats are an environmentally friendly way to discover the known and unknown places of the city. The experienced skippers show you the narrowest canals and sail under the lowest bridges, where other boats can not come.

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