"Creating History" is the slogan of the city of Delft, this refers to designing and creating everyone's history, I love doing that from BlueBox Events.  BlueBox Events is a professional full service conference organizer (PCO) within TU Delft, located in Delft. We organize scientific conferences, meetings and events from A to Z and provide services in the field of association, destination and hospitality, in Delft, the Netherlands but also worldwide.

Conferences & Events

Creative & Practical Solutions

For many years I have been organizing conferences and events for the Transport & Planning department and I know that I can make the difference through my creative and practical approach. Default does not exist! Every event is new, refreshing and different. I cannot influence the scientific side of the event, but I can influence the experience and the WOW effect.

Thanks to my extensive network, I can switch quickly and find the right partners for an event. Events that will go down in history as special and certainly not standard. Special as innovative, creative, interactive and networking.

Knowing our way within the TU Delft

We believe that every individual congress experience counts. That’s why we proactively manage your conference from start to finish. With all the logistical, financial, and creative focus you need, we can cost-effectively manage and coordinate your conference with outstanding service and passion. Trust your congress with the experts. Successful conferences take a lot of planning and hard work. Our team will manage the tasks from contract negotiation, supplier management, and more.

Our BlueBox Events’ team can work with you on plans to curate engaging content, address risk, set objectives and deliver a conference in a virtual format. If you are advancing a new event or shifting an in-person event to a virtual platform, we are capable and determined to help you with a flawless execution.

Mission & Vision


Unburdening project leaders within TU Delft and possible partners of TU Delft when organizing their conference. This allows them to concentrate on the content, resulting in a successful conference, because I believe that when everyone does what they are good at from their own strength, you will achieve the best result, and I know that when you, as a project leader, fully focus on the content of the conference and also make use of our expertise in the organization of this, this leads to a qualitatively excellent and successful conference.

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Delft Convention Bureau is here to help and provide you with the information you need to organize an unforgettable conference or business event in our city. Complete the contact form below or contact us by mail or phone.

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