De Loods is an ecosystem located in the Plaspoelpolder in Rijswijk, adjacent to The Hague and Delft. From knowledge sessions and meetings to presentations and networking events; everything is possible at De Loods. Rescued from demolition years ago, this authentic 1960s building has been completely renovated, preserving its original elements while adding state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. The Bovenkamer, the Ratio Room, Het Breinplein, the Logica Lobby, the Kennis Kamer, the Ratio Room, Spaans Room and the Control Room and the Creative Room; all spaces have their own unique characteristics. And when the weather is nice, the large doors of the hall opens, allowing you to mingle on the charming lit inner courtyard.

The bovenkamer

This cozy space is located at the front of the building and can accommodate up to 6 people. It is an excellent room for a meeting with a small group. The space can be equipped with an LCD screen with HDMI connections and a flip-over.

The Breinplein

The Breinplein is the perfect location for your event or knowledge session. This event hall has an area of approximately 300 m2, providing space for 250 people that can be arranged according to your preferences. The space can be accessed from different sides and is wheelchair-friendly. This event hall of De Loods (is equipped with a spacious stage, sound system with three handheld microphones and one headset microphone. Additionally, you can use a projector for presentations and lectures.

The Logica Lobby

The Logica Lobby is adjacent to Het Breinplein and has doors that open to Het breinplein. The space is equipped with two LCD screens with HDMI connections and a flip-over. The Logica Lobby can accommodate 50 people in a theatre setup. Additionally, the room can also be set-up as a small bistro for reception and breaks.

The Kennis Kamer

The Kennis Kamer is adjacent to Het Breinplein and comes equipped with two LCD screens with HDMI connections. The Kennis Kamer can accommodate 30 people in a theatre setup. Like other spaces, we can also set up the room as a small bistro for reception and breaks.

The Ratio room

The Ratio Room is a spacious area with plenty of natural light. This room is well-suited for giving presentations or holding meetings with larger groups, accommodating up to 25 people. Additionally, the room comes equipped with an LCD screen with HDMI connection and a flip-over by default. The Ratio Room also features a deluxe kitchen that can be used for activities like such as live cooking during a private dinner.

The Spaans Room

The Spaans Room is a large open space located on the first floor. The room is filled with natural light and includes a separate meeting space for 6 people. The Spaans Room is well-suited for giving presentations or having meetings with a maximum capacity of 50 people. It can also be used as a breakout room. Additionally, The Spaans Room features a kitchen, an LCD screen with HDMI connection, and a flip-over.

Creative Room and Control Room

In the backyard of De Loods we have recently acquired two unique Meeting rooms. Two shack wagons, which would otherwise have been taken to the scrapyard, we have converted them into tiny meeting rooms. The Control Room and Creative Room can accommodate up to 6 people. The tiny meetingrooms have electricity connection, Wi-Fi and a small coffee corner.

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