The Arsenaal is one of Delft’s icons and an essential element of the townscape. The literally picturesque and ‘Vermeerian’ (Johannes Vermeer) complex has a high cultural/historical value. No wonder it’s listed as a National Monument. Over the centuries, the buildings have had many functions, inhabitants, and visitors. Hotel Arsenaal is a perfect repository of rich history, and this gives the building a fertile soil for the growth of future plans. The perfect place for a meeting!


Historical Delft

Hotel Arsenaal is located in the middle of the historic city center of Delft, on a peninsula between the Oude and Nieuwe Delft. Within walking distance you will find all museums, cozy squares, shops and cafes. Hotel Arsenaal is easily accessible by public transport as well as by car.


Meeting facilities

Two special meeting rooms

Hotel Arsenaal has two special meeting rooms. Besides meetings, these rooms can also be used for training courses, brainstorming sessions, presentations or private dining. The rooms have a high ceiling, a modern look and the nostalgia is also tangible here. Both rooms have indirect daylight and their own break-out facilities. In addition, the rooms have a comfortable kitchenette with good coffee and tea making facilities and a fridge.


Dream of adventures under the historic beamed ceiling

Hotel Arsenaal offers 63 hotel rooms, including two suites, superior rooms and comfort rooms. These rooms breathe the authentic elements that remind us of the rich history of the city of Delft. Due to the sixteenth century construction, all rooms have an authentic and romantic character. The beds and facilities are equal in all rooms and only differ in size and view. Hotel Arsenaal is a non-smoking hotel. It is not allowed to smoke in the rooms.


Restaurant & Bar

Welcome in Gastrobar de Wapenkamer

Welcome to Gastrobar de Wapenkamer in the historic Hotel Arsenaal. A place where you can enjoy
refined wine and food combinations with a nod to history. We are writing in the early 1600s. Hotel Arsenaal housed many cannons, guns, bullets and other weaponry. Not only did the building serve as a weapons depot, but goods such as spices, cotton, coffee, tea and Chinese porcelain were also stored and transshipped in this East Indian warehouse. An armory of value, you might say!

It is this value that we have reflected in our gastrobar today. Enjoy exciting gin tonics flavored with spices from the East. Unwind by our robust fireplace and order one of our own barista coffees and feel the spirit of commerce as you take in the spices from the kitchen!

Our menu has been carefully composed so that we can be sure to serve you the best possible taste experience. Each dish tells its own story and from each plate you are looking at a different past.

Will you be visiting us at Hotel Arsenaal? After all, it is a well-kept secret, and who knows, you might discover all the secrets!

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