MeetingLinq helps you organize a successful conference or event. They do this by creating products that are more convenient, smarter and better than average. Their motto is: 'When people meet, we make it possible'.

Their products

MeetingLinq develops all kinds of products for your business event. Think of promotional gadgets, folders, USB sticks, textiles, seasonal items and more. Whatever you are looking for, MeetingLinq likes to think along with you.

All products meet the basic conditions of quality, speed and reliability. MeetingLinq sets strict requirements for production partners at home and abroad. MeetingLinq also takes the European requirements in the field of child labor, the environment and sustainability seriously.

About MeetingLinq

MeetingLinq has a young team with a lot of experience. The team has more than earned its spurs as a supplier in the meeting industry. MeetingLinq knows the way around the world, the are your partner for a successful meeting!

MeetingLinq is proud to partner with the following organizations: PPP Platform Promotional Products, MPI Meeting Professionals International, CLC Vecta Center for Live Communication, EPPA CSR Committed.

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