Together with the Municipality of Delft, TU Delft and our partners, Delft Marketing's Delft Convention Bureau is committed to making events and congresses in our city as sustainable as possible. This is also how this document came about. Measures that also focus on a number of SDGs (sustainable development goals) as described by the United Nations. Below is a list of the goals actively pursued by us with a number of examples as implemented in practice[1] .

[1] Note: not all measures are implemented by all partners. However, each partner is individually active to take appropriate measures within their capabilities.


Historic Delft

Facing challenges

Delft has more than 1,600 monumental buildings; they can never compete with new construction convention venues. We strive to do everything we can do: we reduce what we must and reuse & recycle materials and products we no longer need where possible. This is a process we are continuously working on and where we have the help, knowledge and support of experts within TU Delft, the Municipality of Delft and of course our partners.

Practical Examples

In our PDF we give explanations and ideas on how Delft and its partners are implementing some of the SDGs. The development of these activities never stop. We will continuously try to develop them further to make Delft and the world a little more beautiful together.

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