The Student Hotel is a hybrid hospitality brand. More like a hub for co-living and co-working spaces that combine student accommodation, hotel, extended stay rooms, co-working facilities, meeting and event spaces, restaurant, bar and gyms, all under one community and one roof.

As we are on a mission to create a TSH community, we have a year-round programme of inspiring events and activities at all our locations where everyone is welcome. Furthermore, our bold and beautiful design lift each moment in each of our locations, infusing every space – from lobbies to gyms, from rooms to games areas – with our distinctive style. We bring this together in a new and inspiring hospitality concept with a focus on sustainability.

Delft is the main site where we are working hard to define the future of hybrid hospitality in a more humane and environmentally friendly way.Come and explore!

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Delft Convention Bureau is here to help and provide you with the information you need to organize an unforgettable conference or business event in our city. Complete the contact form below or contact us by mail or phone.

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